Does Your POS stand for Plenty Of Shoppers?

Stop chasing after shoppers on your own. Turn your POS into a portal that instantly connects you to the whole Tenko shopping community. Effortlessly deliver on-demand, personal pricing to everyone, everytime.
Does Your POS stand for Plenty Of Shoppers?

Be Part of theTenko community

Just sign up and your entire POS offer will be instantly exposed to a whole community of shoppers. Marketing? Simple: Variable dependant discounts set with a few sliders. We use this to generate personalized prices to everyone, everytime, on the fly.

EncourageGroup Planning

Tenko’s app is already made for get-togethers. Top it off with simple group discounting: Larger group, bigger discount. No middle-man! Your own group discount for your own brand to shine and bring group shoppers back time and again.

Simple. Effortless. Risk Free.

Handle it on your own. No marketing expert needed.

Sign up for free

Sign up
for free

No subscription. No risk.
Sign out whenever you want.

Your POS is added  to the Tenko Network

Your POS is added
to the Tenko Network

No effort in exposing
your products
to shoppers.

Get Discovered Right Away

Get Discovered
Right Away

No wait.
Orders come to your POS
on day one.

Have a test drive
with our pricing simulator

See how simple it is to set your pricing rules. And you risk nothing, you can adjust anytime.
Effortlessly attract shoppers with personalized prices!

No Hard Decisions
Adjust and Adapt Anytime



Setup pricing rules for your products to personalize shopping experience.



Get clear feedback on what works and what does not.



Fine-tune and adapt at any time. Your changes are effective immediately.

Zero Cost Loyalty

All Tenko shoppers are already part of the network. No sign-up, no punch cards, no QR codes, no staff trainings, no changes in POS, and no burden for shoppers. We keep track of the points for you and convert them into discounts based on your own pricing rules.

Reward the BuzzCreate an Avalanche

You can set reward rules to show appreciation for every referral and review. It’s safe because shopper feedback is only allowed after the purchase. Turn your loyal shoppers into brand advocates, the organic way.

The Numbers

0%Revenue increase

0%Conversion rate growth

0.000Active shoppers

No Subscription Fees

We bring you shoppers, we get a small cut.
Not the other way around.