Let’s Get OutTogether

It always starts with a chat. We just threw in the nuts and bolts to plan, order, split payments, review, and refer. Do it all, together. All at personalized pricing and with group discounts! Let’s Tenko.

Let’s Get Out

Plan as a Team

Instantly see how well each place fits your party and how big of a group discount they offer. You can always run a suggestion by your friends in chat and see if they found a better place. Just to make your gathering perfect every time.

Lifelike Orderingwith Friends

Tenko menus are live. Your friends’ picks, their favorites, and reviews are shown as they order. Still not decided? Ask them in group chat. At Tenko, you place one order together to maximize your discounts and we keep everyone’s tab separate.

Smart Pricing

Your personally priced menu with all discounts included without the need to share any private information! No coupons to clip, codes to scan, or punch cards to bring. Tenko adds loyalty points for every place. No extra sign-ups are needed!

No Check SplitAwkwardness

Have you ever adjusted your order to make splitting the check easier? Never worry about that again. Share a large pizza with friends, order for someone running late, or get that extra drink. We keep track of who ordered what and will do all the math for you.

That’s Not All There Is!

Make in-app secure payments. Use our map locator. Capitalize with our reward system. Stop juggling several apps just to meet up with your friends. Just go out.

Locate businesses and friends

Locate businesses
and friends

Have a sneak peek at businesses in your neighbourhood and check where your friends are!

Pay using Tenko App

Pay using
Tenko App

An easy and safe way to settle your bill without sharing your card with merchants

Tenko rewards all your activity

Tenko rewards
all your activity

You earn points for purchases, reviews, and referrals without effort or privacy sharing.

One app to meet them all

One app
to meet them all

A single app has everything you need to pull off your next group activity!

Natalie Wilmot
My friends and I have our favorite places that we often go to. With Tenko’s group discounts, we are discovering new places and saving at the same time!
Natalie Wilmot


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